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I am sure we’ve all heard the term ‘You are what you eat’? That is so true, and to add something even ‘truer’ – Your Hair is You.

Yes, your hair is you because it is your number one avenue for self-expression. DO you like it sleek and sophisticated to bring out the classy and finesse part of you, or would you rather its stays in soft tendril curls to show your demure and sexy side? Perhaps you are more of the edgy girl who wants to bring out her individualistic and creative nature through the latest cut or would you rather be simple and go low-maintenance?

Whatever your choice and personal preference, like your favorite lipstick color, your hair does go a long way in defining and expressing your true personality. I’ve noticed that hair conversations between us ladies can go on for days and sometimes bring out the emotion in us  especially when the convo dips along the lines of ‘Natural/Un-Natural Hair’; and in this multi-billion dollar industry, both here in Nigeria and across Africa, its a conversation that gets me going everytime.

Therefore, our editorial slant this beautiful month of June will be focused on – you guessed right, HAIR. Yay! Up #HAIRnation.

That is not to say we won’t be bringing you all the usual – Makeup How Tos, Video Tutorials, Skinbeauty, etc. Its just that we will like to have more attention on your crowning glory; a.k.a Your Hair. All through this month, we will be talking to our Podozi Hair Experts, some bloggers on hair care routines, how to care for those tresses (whether its a faux fix or all yours’ from Baba God), as well as some valuable tips and tricks to get your mane looking its best all through this month, and indeed for the rest of the year.

We’ll also be doing something new on #HAIRnation this month – we’ll be taking hair stories from you our lovely readers using an hashtag called #MyHairStory. We are excited to hear from you and get your take on what you think and know the hair journey should be all about. The big idea here is for us all to share and learn from one another. So, if you have a story (your routine in not more than 250 words, a tweet, a picture, even a video – just make sure its all about HAIR), then feel free to reach out to us at:

So, here’s me raising a glass in toast to your our amazing #Podozian, wishing you a most wonderful month of June and praying – ‘May your Hair be as beautiful as you’ this whole month.


“People will Stare – Make it worth their while”


#BeautyExpert #WeDoBeauty

Teni Beauty

Resident Chief Editor, Signature Reporter.

Teniolami is an accomplished makeup artist and beauty therapist with almost 10years experience in the beauty industry. She is a full-time Beauty Business Coach, Brand & Product Developer, Educator and a soon to-be published Beauty Author

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