WATER – The Key to a more Beautiful You

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The importance of water on our overall health and beauty cannot be overemphasized. Water is key to staying fit, and if per chance you are looking to drop some pounds off your weight, then water is your fast, hassle-free and trust-worthy weight manager. The secret is to alternate drinking water of different temperature. Hot, Lukewarm and Cold, throughout the day. The unique benefit of regular water intake is that it makes your body slimming system 50% more effective.

Recent research in hydration science reveals that the temperature of water, especially at the time of consumption, triggers astonishing weight loss.


hot waterHot Water triggers a body-wide detox.

When cellular levels of toxins rise, the body concentrates them in the liver, intestines, lymph system and skin, all in a bid to speed up their excretion. These stored toxins end up slowing down your metabolism. When hot water floods your body system, it encourages the movement of toxins from the liver and lymph system into the digestive tract, stimulating their elimination from the body. According to medical reports, hot water also makes the pores open slightly, which also allows extra toxins stored in the skin tissue to evaporate onto the air.


lukewarm waterLukewarm Water suppresses Appetite.

Lukewarm water is not only easy to gulp down the throat at once, it also doesn’t set off the body’s hot or cold alarm signal in the brain. This action causes the stomach to expand rapidly, stimulating the brain’s vagus nerve to turn off hunger pangs. In addition, lukewarm water doesn’t stall the digestive process the way liquids of other temperatures do. This results in a quicker stabilization of the blood sugar levels – an action which shuts down food craving, thus enhancing weight loss.


cold waterCold Water gives your body a Workout.

Within a few minutes of gulping a glass of cold water, your metabolic rates jump as much as 3% and you feel elevated for about 30 minutes. According to a medical practitioner, the reason for this is that the digestive tract has to work harder to heat cold water before it can be absorbed and used by the body’s cells. The energy involved in this process breaks down food and fat in the body, helping to release their stored calories.


Lemon-water-DrinkDrink up to 8oz of Hot Lemon Water every Morning.

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon, plus one teaspoon of freshly grated lemon zest into a mug, add 8oz of boiled water and sip slowly. How lemon water speeds up the elimination of fat-storing toxins from the body.

Alternate between steamy and icy sips throughout the day. This acts as a form of hydrotherapy that cleanses your body. Doctors have reported that hot water helps the intestines flush toxins all day, and cold water keeps calorie burn high. It’s therefore advisable that you drink about 8.oz of cold water an hour after drinking your hot lemon water. Repeat this cycle twice daily for maximum effect.


8glasses of water daily Drink lukewarm water (room temperature) before meals and snacks. Drinking water at room temperature at least 15minutes before a meal signals satiation. This will further help you to shed pounds of weight and keep fit all year long. Water is best absorbed by the body when its at room temperature; its pre-meal sips floods the metabolically active tissues, helping to raise your body’s ability to convert food into energy.



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