VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream Conditioner

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The name VO5 comes from the 5 Vitamin Oils that are included in every product and are essential for healthy, beautiful hair. VO5 hair products are a smart choice for all hair types. VO5 shampoos and conditioners have a unique formula that leaves hair looking vibrant and beautiful. A great value for you and your entire family!

Rich Formula 2x Stronger Hair with soy milk protein. Experience the health and vitality of soy milk protein formula for beautiful hair. Treat yourself to the fragrance of fresh – picked strawberries. Soy milk protein formula revitalizes dry, damaged hair. Moisturizes as it conditions leaving hair silky, smooth and beautiful. Keeps color treated hair looking great.

This product rebuilds and moisturizes damaged, dry hair.


Separate hair into 4 sections and soak hair under lukewarm water; pour about a quarter-size portion into palm then massage it onto scalp using fingertips. You can add a little more (about a dime size) to your ends then massage scalp for about 2 – 3 minutes before twisting each section. Leave the conditioner on under a warm towel for 10 minutes before beginning to detangle hair. After detangling, rinse the conditioner out using cool water; you hair felt so soft and smelled slightly of strawberries.


  • I have winky kinky coarse texture hair. I recently went natural and was looking for a cowash conditioner that was not too expensive and would really moisturize and help me achieve healthier hair. I bought this expecting to be dissapointed and having to try again as I had for many months. Also, the conditioner is a lot, you definitely get your bang for your buck the conditioner comes in 16 oz!!! When I first opened it I was surprised by how great it smelled. It smelled like strawberries and cream life savers a favorite food of mine. This will definitely become a must for me when it comes to hair products. I typically wash my hair twice a week and this will be perfect. I highly recommend this go buy it NOW!!
  • This is the one product that smells heavenly and gets the job done! A reasonable price makes it very desirable.
  • VO5 is ok for hair that is “virgin” which means no chemical treatments whatsoever (colour, perms, relaxers etc.). It makes your hair thicker, fuller, and shinier
  • Finally, a conditioner that really works for damaged, fine hair. I have searched and searched for a good
    conditioner that will take the tangles out of my baby fine hair that has been highlighted, in addition to the fact
    that our water is not soft here. I have tried the leave in types…..I have more bottles in my shower than I care to think about, and it didn’t matter….Very expensive to cheap…..none worked. But this one did !!
    I will be a return customer for this.

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