Under N5000 Christmas Beauty Products for Her

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Seasons Greetings People!

It is officially 11 days to Christmas! I am so pumped with excitement – what about you? Podozi is having 5-Days of Christmas Giveaway, so this is the perfect time to shop for her, 10% discount at checkout and also a surprise gift. She gets a lot more than you will pay for.

My shopping list gets longer by the day and I am loving it. I made this post especially for the guys, I know you want to get something for your girl and you probably don’t know your way around the beauty world. This post will help you pick authentic and affordable beauty products for Christmas that she will love.

I advise you read my previous post on Makeup Bag Essentials to familiarize yourself with the things every girl needs in her makeup bag. And for this wonderful Christmas season, the following under N5000 beauty products explained below will blow your girls’ mind when she receives them as gifts from you.

Every girl loves a good lipstick, lip stain, and a lip gloss. I advise you go for L.A Girl, they are super pigmented and won’t leave a dent in your pocket.

Sorry, this product does not exist.

Concealers! Concealers! Concealers! They are good for covering dark spots and under eye areas, great for highlighting and contouring also.

L.A Girl Pro Concealer L.A Girl Pro Concealer
So L.A Girl Pro Concealer has been the solution to all blemishes. And we got it here at the lowest price and 100% Authenticity *Camouflages the appearance of skin imperfections *Evens out skin tone *Covers dark circles *Minimizes fine lines *Click on product description to learn more

Eyebrow game. If you want to help your girlfriend achieve the perfect eyebrows (I know some of you dread her horrifying brows) go for Hegai and Esther, it gives a touch of pazow!

Hegai and Esther Eyebrow Definer Hegai and Esther Eyebrow Definer

Powder. I know you notice the cracks in her powder, lets not even go to the discoloration. Ben Nye Powder is flawless, every pro makeup artiste has it and always testifies of its wonders.

Lashes. There is nothing sexier than sleek lashes for Christmas.

Thats it guys. Thank me later.

These products are every makeup addicts and every new beginners’ dream. It doesn’t matter if she is conservative or likes bold makeup, every girl wants to look effortlessly flawless – especially at Christmas and for always, for her man


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