Traditional Bridal Makeup we Love!

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Choosing the perfect makeup look for your traditional wedding can be a drag-not anymore. We have painfully handpicked the best traditional bridal make-up we could find. We literally had to stop after a few hours because there were to many of them. Kudos to makeup artiste doing their job, making brides and wanna-be-bride (me!) look good for wedding and every other occasion.

We hope you love them as much as me do. The makeup ranges from dark to bold to romantic to sultry to soft to whichever one you want.



Beautiful @igaladoll MUA @oshewabeauty


Makeup by Dazeita

@bewkiss from yesterday! Makeup by @lbvmakeovers

Makeup by @lbvmakeovers


Makeup by @bmpro

MUA @sitprettymakeupmaverick bride @adewaletitilope

Makup by @sitprettymakeup

Congrats @vormormhila MUA @the24SHADES

Makeup by @the24SHADES


Bride @phadeykhe

flawless touch makeover

Makeup by Flawless Touch

Arent they all gorgeous. You know, sometimes I think the reason why men cry on their wedding day is because they know their wives may never look that good again!

We wish all the brides a wonderful and blissfully delicious married life.

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