Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

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I couldn’t go for the big chop. I think it was a mixture of fear and worry, but I just couldn’t. Plus, my hair doesn’t grow as fast as I would want it so i decided to transition instead of the big chop. I have been transitioning for about 6 months now, so I think I can give some advise on how to do it. You can have natural hair without chopping it off, you CAN do it gradually by trimming your ends off .  This new journey may bring about some challenges so, I’ve listed my top tips of making this transition as stress free and enjoyable as possible. You may find that you discover a lot more about yourself than just your hair though, so be ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery too.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

The weakest part of your hair is the demarcation line (where the natural hair ends and relaxed hair begins), so it’s VERY important that you retain the strength of your hair by keeping it moisturised. This way, you’ll not only reduce the snapping, but ultimately breakage. A great, simple way to prevent this is to lightly spray your hair with water at night, followed by a leave in conditioner and/or coconut oil.

Deep Condition Often

This is your New. Best. Friend. This adds moisture to your hair on a whole new level – from the inside out. Invest in an excellent deep conditioner when you can and generously apply it all over your hair. Read our article to see the best ways to deep condition your hair here. Deep condition your hair on a weekly basis – and stick to it! You’ll truly see your hair flourish.

Balance Your Hair with Moisture and Protein

As important as it is to keep your hair moisturised, you also need to restore the protein in your hair that you naturally lose through daily manipulation. Your hair is made up of around 90% protein (aka Keratin – which is also your hair’s backbone) so in order to maintain your hair’s strength, you will need to replenish your hair monthly with a suitable protein treatment. However, it’s all about balance. If you add too much protein, your hair will be brittle. Too much moisture and your hair will be limp. To find out more, click here.

Clarify Your Hair Monthly

The gentle cleansers you use for your hair are perfect for retaining moisture and removing excess product build up. However, over time, your hair will have stubborn build-up that your gentle cleansers naturally cannot remove. This is where a clarifier for your hair is ideal, in order to give your hair a fresh start. It’s recommended you use this in your regimen between 4-6 weeks.

Look For Product Ingredients

Most likely for those of us who were/are relaxed, you left all your hair product knowledge to your stylist but now, there’s a whole new world of products for you to experiment with yourself! The most important ingredients to stay away from (on a regular basis) are Sulfates in shampoos and Non-Soluble Silicones in conditioners.

Styling To Blend Two Textures

Finding the right hairstyle can be challenging, especially when you want to wear your hair out and blend your two different textures. The best way to do this is to curl your hair to camouflage both – without heat e.g. Bantu Knots, Twist Outs, Flexi Rods etc. If you choose to tuck your hair away in braids/twists/weaves, you will also need to care for your hair whilst wearing them.

Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Hair!

The more you leave your hair alone, the happier it will be! Remember, even though our hair may appear resistant, it is actually the weakest of all hair types due to its natural curls/kinks. Also, don’t pull too hard on your edges with ponytails! They are delicate and need to be cared for!

So, that’s it! For more tips from other Naturalistas, check out the full article here.

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