Makeup Removers and the Makeup Removal Process

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Makeup Removers and the Makeup Removal Process

Some time ago, I got a facebeat of life. It was so dope, my cousin said “don’t wash your face please. Just keep it like that forever.” LOL. I’m sure most of us can relate. You get that facebeat of life and you just want to keep the yummy look on forever. But no matter how on fleek your makeup may be, as all good things, it must come to its end. So night time has come, what to do?

Let me stress that taking off your makeup completely every night is very important – in fact, it is the secret to the flawless skin you need for more #OnFleek makeup looks in the future.

Makeup Removal Process

Now I understand… Sometimes we’re so exhausted from running around during the day that taking time at night to do this small ritual does not seem appealing. I’ve been there so many times, just borderline too tired to think about taking off makeup – those nights when all I wanted to do was S.LE.E.Ppppppppppp

You must know however that sleeping with makeup on leaves your face vulnerable to acne breakouts and makes your skin age faster. Leftover mascara on the eyes could lead to eye infections and discoloration so special attention must be given to your eyes. Not to mention, rubbing off dirty makeup on your pillowcase will lead to germ buildup that will of certainty get back on your face the following night.

Yes, I’m pretty sure you’re scared enough by now to never go to sleep at night again with your makeup on. So then, what can be used to remove your makeup – hassle free, quick solution so you can tuck into bed asap?

Makeup Removal Process


Makeup wipes. No, I do not mean Baby Wipes (those baby wipes will only take off the surface colors but won’t cleanse your skin); the REAL Makeup Wipes are typically gentle and so you do not have to worry about them irritating your face. More importantly, they will take off every trace of dirt, makeup and sanitize your skin of all unwanted & harmful radical picked up during the day. Of course the makeup wipes does not replace the cleanser – it’s actually the first step in a thorough facial cleansing process; and for those nights you’re too tired to go next step, it can also be adequate.

– Facial cleansers. So many products abound (but here are our recommendations.) You must also take note of the chemical compositions of whatever you might want to buy, especially if you have sensitive skin.

– Oils. Baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, cleansing oils, these work quite well – especially for makeup products such as Mascara, Matte Lip Stains and Liquid Eyeliners. However be careful not to saddle your skin with oil in excess as this would be counter-productive. 

Here is a simple recommendation of what we consider a good makeup removal process, a.k.a CTM (Cleanse – Tone & Moisturize):

  1. Start with your eyes. Use facial wipes to gently wipe the top of your eyes. For water-proof mascara, we recommend soft cotton wool dipped in coconut oil.
  1. Next is the rest of your face. Gently swipe your wipes all over your face (See our List of Expert Recommended Makeup Remover Wipes) till you have all the grime off. Once that is done, be sure to wash your face using lukewarm water. People often wrongly assume that using wipes is enough but this is untrue. The wipes completely removes all the makeup on your face but you want more than that.

Makeup Removal Process

CLEANSE:  The Face Cleanser is that ultimate step 2: It helps to deep cleanse your face, without stripping it of the essential skin oils – which is what washing your face with a regular bath soap will do, and at the same time, your cleanser (provided you get the right one for your skin type) will help balance your skin’s Ph level, a.k.a restore it to its healthy/natural state.

  1. Steaming also works well after you have used your wipes. Steaming can be done in two ways; dip a towel in hot water and let it cool for a bit before placing it on your face. The other way would be to hold your face over a bowl of hot water and let the steam open your pores and eliminate whatever residual dirt was on your face.

This step is most effective if you use side-by-side with a good cleanser. Simply rub a tiny amount of the cleanser over your face, paying particular attention to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin area. Then use the hot towel all over your face – or do the hot bowl version; splash on lukewarm water with your palms afterwards. Then pat dry (DO NOT SCRUB) with a fluffy face towel.

TONE: A good toner – that is, the one appropriate for your skin type is another skin care secret to a flawless, healthy skin, everytime. Lightly soak a soft cotton wool in the toner solution and swipe all over your face; do not get into your eye or you run the risk of tearing up.

Makeup Removal Process


I especially love the simple toner solution from Oriflame Cosmetics; it balances the skin’s Ph level and tones the skin, keeping it firm and supple like a new born baby’s skin.

This simple step will firm up your skin lightly, whilst opening up your pores to allow ample amount of fresh air as well as the moisturizer in the final step below.

MOISTURIZE: Complete step with a face moisturizer; 1 or 2 small amounts of a great non-oily face cream is all you need. Rub across your forehead, cheeks and chin – pat into your skin using the heels of your palm.

Finally, no matter what products you choose for your face, ensure that your skin is not too sensitive to any of them. Where in doubt, please consult a dermatologist or leave a comment below: our team of expert beauty professionals are always here to answer (FOR FREE)  all your beauty – makeup or skincare questions.



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