The Kylie Jenner Make Up Look II

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Welcome back Podozians,

If you missed the previous post on The Kyle Jenner Make Up Look you can always catch up.

8. Highlight

Using the a blending brush, she mixes peach and light brown shadows and applies the combo to the creases of her lids. She brushes the white shade just beneath her brows to highlight. You should use our BH 24-pcs Makeup Brush Set. This essential brush set gives you all the tools you need to apply makeup like a pro.

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9.  Kylie curls her lashes.

10 Cheeks

She uses the Powder/Blush Brush to apply the center color on the apples of her cheeks.

11 Another bronzer

 Kylie brushes her bronzer to the edges of her nose. She says, “The closer in you do it, the thinner your nose will appear.” Wow.

12 Lips

Kylie then applies a lipstick. Podozi has several authentic brands of lipstick you can decide to wear. Kylie then lines her lips. “I usually, still to this day, overline my lips a lot,” she says. She applies charlotte tilbury charlotte’s magic cream all over her lips for moisture and a bit of sheen. You can use a Tara High Shine Lip Stain or Maybelline Baby Lips in place of this.

15 Illusion

Kylie creates the illusion of fuller eyelashes by lining the top lashes with the darkest color using a small angled brush, winging the liner out slightly.

16 Setting Spray

She sprays her face down with a setting spray “because if you’re going to spend that much time on your makeup, you probably want it to stick around”.

Sourced from the Kylie App.

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