Simple Makeup Tips to Slay at a Nigerian Wedding

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Simple Makeup Tips to Help you slay at a Nigerian Wedding in this Weather.

Nigerians unarguably attend weddings for a variety of reasons. Topmost on the list would be the small chops and Jollof rice, then down to the feature on aso-ebi bella, the opportunity to put on the most gorgeous eyeshadow & matte lippie, a.ka. Makeup on Fleek, then those who go in search of Bae and of course, my most favourite; a good #Turnup.

Regardless of your reason for attending that Saturday turnup, you know for a fact that you want to slay while at it. Knock them dead, take them all captive, leave their jaws dropping, e.t.c, e.t.c. 

On a good day, this might be easy to pull off. A good day being when the weather is in your favor and you do not have to worry too much about breaking a sweat simply by looking left or right. But lately, the weather has not been very friendly (I mean the weather has been MEAN!!!, pun intended) so we definitely need urgent intervention.

Ok, drama aside – for that Owambe/Turn Up this weekend, you want to keep that makeup light and simple so here are a few simple tips to help you pull off that powerful ever-slaying look:

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A. Your Brows

This is always the starting point. It is most important thing to pay attention to is your eyebrows. They largely determine how your face turns out. Check out this post right here that shows you simple practical steps on how to sculpt the perfect brows and with a little practice, you would find that it’s quite easy to get done.

B. Your Eyes

Light brush strokes for your eye shadow, using colour(s) that compliment your skin and whatever colors you are dressed in that day. Mascara helps bring out your eyes better. So once done with the eye shadow, do not forget to put on some mascara.

For the slayest eyeshadow palettes and mascara products, check out this link here

C. Foundation

Use minimal foundation and carefully even it out over your face. Remember, the weather is hot and you do not want your face to become a dripping, shiny mess before you’ve had your go at the small chops. If you have oily skin, I recommend you choose any of our great selection of matte powder foundation products.

D. Lipstick

By far my favorite and the Icing on the cake as you #Slay to the Owambe wedding; but first things first: Grease your lips with the amazing Maybelline baby lips balm, then line your lips carefully – the Zaron Lip Liners are a must have in every woman’s makeup bag.

Now, your lipstick should complement whatever other colors you have on. The Bolder your Lip Color, the better (am assuming you have well blended minimal-to-nude eyeshadow going on); the more coordinated your colors, the better. You do not want your face to look a kindergartener’s coloring book.

E. The Setting Powder

Finally, use a setting powder to set your face – setting powders come in a wide variety of finishes; pressed powders, loose powders – either with matte or shimmery finish. What you choose is absolutely your choice. Remember again, moderation is key. Do not lay it on too thickly, else the scorching sun won’t be very pleased with you.

Nigerian, Wedding, Slay, Makeup

Now, to my wonderful sisters who hail from the Eastern part of Nigeria, (Halla!) Please ensure that you arrange a leave of absence for your moustache as often as you can. The 11th commandment is “thou shalt not let thy moustache compete with that of the bobo.” Don’t ask what tablet that was written on. Just comply.

The prevalent fear is that if you shave the hairs once, they will grow faster and multiply. This complete crap. Depending on how well it is done, you would discover that you may only need to take it off once a month. This can be done with a blade or by waxing. And if you’re not confident of your hair removal skills, please go see a beautician/dermatologist; if you need a referral to a great dermatologist, just holla in the comment section below.

Once those hairs at out of the way, you will notice how much better your makeup will look on your face, especially your lips.

As you head out to the wedding, keep your powder and lipstick in your purse so that after you have conquered the chicken and had a go at one or two rounds of shoki, you can touch up and still look like nothing happened ten minutes before. Your Blot Paper too, major key. Dab at those sweat buds before they get out of and transform your face to something fresh out of a pool.

Wear a nice fragrance and keep that in your purse too.

Finally, don’t forget to smile. That is the final tool in the slay box.

Let’s do a quick check to ensure we didn’t forget nothing:

Dress on Fleek – Check!

Makeup on Fleek – Check!

Absent moustache on Fleek – Check!

Smile must be on Fleek too! Always remember to dazzle them with a brilliant smile. So that when the cameras start flashing for Bella Naija, you will not be caught unawares. Also, you do not want the potentials baes to be scared off if you’re sporting a frown.

So even if the small chops did not get to you and the jollof rice is not to your standard, keep your smile on and console yourself with the fact that there will be more weddings with more small chops and Jollof Rice.

Afterall, your wedding makeup was on Fleek!

Have an ever slaying weekend!

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