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Earlier this week, we brought you exciting news on Rihanna’s appointment as the new face of the Parisian Luxury Brand, House of Dior. Its worth noting that Riri as she’s fondly called by her fans & admirers the world over , is the very first Black Sister to be so appointed. This is definitely a big one not just for Rihanna, but for the Fashion and Black Entertainment Industry globally.

Below, we show you the film including Behind-The-Scene shots which shows Rihanna walking the grounds of the palace at night, twirling through the Hall of Mirrors and shimmying beneath crystal chandeliers. It’s a powerful cultural symbol that Rihanna, as the house’s first black spokesperson, is in such an historical location for the campaign – it’s a quietly rebellious statement against France’s institutional fashion history. Dior called RiRi a “modern muse”, and if the campaign shows one thing, it’s that stars like her are the new monarchs.

An alliance between the two isn’t a lazy meeting of celebrity and brand – it’s one that makes sense. And one that is essentially a plus for the Fashion-Beauty Industries. It is an omen of goodwill also for black women stars rising across the world. So, here’s wishing ‘DiorRiri’ or is it ‘RiriDior’ a fabulous partnership.

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