Quick Fix for Common Makeup Mishaps

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Lipstick on teeth

Bleeding lipstick can be very disastrous to your beautiful smile. A cotton swab can easily solve this. Your fingers can be used to prevent these types of spill. After application, simple place your index finger between your lips and pull out. This will remove excess lip colour along the inner ridge that may get on your teeth.

Smudged Lipstick

Take a slightly damp cotton swab or a concealer brush and put a bit of foundation or concealer on it, then trace over where the lipstick has smudged. If the issue is lipstick traveling into lines around the mouth, simply trace the cotton swab or concealer brush around your lip line to remove the excess; then reapply your lipstick if needed. To get smudge free lip, read here

Caked on or poorly blended foundation

Dampen a clean sponge and blot over the area, paying attention to areas of the face that are uneven. This will remove the excess and blend the areas of displaced foundation. Read this for foundation rules

Too much blush

Using your translucent powder and a clean brush and blend over the trouble spot until the area is well blended and the blush less pronounced. You can also get a clean sponge and use to blend until you achieved the desired effects and your cheeks do not look like they are bleeding. Read here to determine the shade of blush to use.

Over-Tweezed Eyebrows

Select a matte eyeshadow and use a good brow brush to fill in any sparse areas in your eyebrow shape. Applying a colour that is dramatically darker or lighter than your actual brow colour always looks unnatural.

Poorly blended eyeshadow

Get a clean shadow brush and blend away or reach for you translucent powder to help minimise the effect. For dark eyeshadow, translucent powder is the best way, or reach for a cotton swab and attend to the area, dabbing until minimised.

Colouring outside of the lash line

A cotton swab can solve this problem. Never rub, or this will just spread the product, making the situation worse. Swipe the cotton swab in one direction and clean up area for desired effect. Read here for how to apply mascara

Oil slicks

Use a clean sponge, rice paper or napkin and blot away the excess oil or moisture. Blotting is a quick fix. Be careful not to use too much powder when blotting. Lightly blot the area with translucent powder to freshen your look. Always try to use a mattifying face primer before applying your foundation to reduce shine throughout the day.

Eyeshadow Fallout

Prevention is the best remedy. Before application, place a layer of translucent powder under eye area and the sweep with a clean brush once you have finished applying your eye make-up. You can clean area with a clean dry sponge that has been dipped in translucent powder. Sweep in one direction lightly on affected area.

Concealer Creasing into Lines around the Eyes

Wash your hands, and then use your ring finger to smooth out any concealer that has begun to crease. Prevent the concealer from creasing by setting it with a small amount of pressed powder. For best results, use a small brush or sponge, making sure to blend the powder from where the eye and nose meet, softening out to the temple where any crow’s-feet lines may reach; you want to avoid putting excess powder on wrinkles. Read about the 5 Ways to Use a Concealer

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