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Nivea understands skincare like no one else. That’s why they create products that cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, while giving it exactly what it needs a gentle yet effective care that keeps your skin smooth, supple and radiantly beautiful. No matter what you do, or where you live, Nivea is here to help you enjoy better skincare for life. Whether you’re male or female. Young or old. Fair or dark. Oily or dry. Sensitive or normal. Or anything in between. Nivea cares for all your skin. For life.

Nivea Deodorants are specially formulated to optimally care for the skin and offer you the most caring way for effective deodorization. Nivea Deodorant Fresh Active with ocean extracts offers the real confidence of 24 hours effective deodorant protection providing a fresh feeling. The optimal combination of reliable deodorant protection and Nivea mild care.

Nivea Fresh Active Stick-Male

Regular Price: ₦850.00


The Nivea Fresh Hydrating Body Lotion smell is different but very pleasant and mild. This body lotion is excellent for your whole body. It’s fairly fast absorbing. You don’t have to spend much time rubbing it on. It keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated whole day. It is not greasy or sticky. It lasts for a good time. It works well for all types of skin.

Nivea Express Hydration Lotion

Regular Price: ₦2,120.00


The Nivea Tin Cream is my SOS treatment cream for my face, hand, body and feet. It’s thick and creamy and I love the way it smells. Your hands still feel smooth after washing. It’s instantly relives chapped hands. I haven’t used this on my face, because it just seems to heavy.

Nivea Cream Tin

Regular Price: ₦1,800.00


Nivea Pearl & Beauty Spray smells like baby powder mixed up with a floral scent. It is quite powdery, which makes it soothing!! Re-apply at least twice a day for best results. With this spray your underarms are dry and beautified with even skin tone thanks to pearl extracts.

Nivea Spray Pearl & Beauty spray

Regular Price: ₦1,000.00


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