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Highlight and Contour is a little trick you can use to enhance your bone structure. It creates light and dark areas to sculpt and shapes the face in a pleasing way.  Using highlighting and contouring, you can manipulate the shape of your face to appear more sculptured. For a natural highlight and contour, try using a face contour that is not too light or too dark.

Here is a step-by-step guide to put you through how to achieve the flawless look:

6 step tutorial on highlighting and contouring

  1. Know your face shape; this helps you decide where to place your highlights and contours and what features you’d like to define or downplay.
  2. Consider your skin tone
  3. Pick the appropriate brushes; tapered or flat brush for highlight, angled contour or blush brush for contour and a blending sponge.
  4. Know where to shade; this includes your forehead, cheekbone, jaw and nose.
  5. Highlight strategically; it is important because it brings light back into your face, but then again you don’t want to overdo it. Areas to pay attention to includes your forehead, nose, under your eye area (above your cheekbones), chin and above your jaw line.
  6. Now blend, blend, blend! And when you are done – please blend some more!!!

6 Step Tutorial on Highlighting and ContouringRemember when choosing your contour and highlight colors, don’t go for shades that are drastically lighter or darker than your natural skin tone.

Go ahead and define your features like a pro with the “ Zaron Face Definer” which comes in powder form and contains highlight, contour and bronzer.

Let the sculpting begin!!!

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