Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser

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Experience an instant detox for your skin. Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser deep cleans while gently exfoliating skin to speed skin’s natural surface regeneration. The creamy, anti-aging formula with an Amino-Peptide Complex and oxygenated exfoliants regenerates and smoothes skin texture without over drying. Safe for daily use, it’s the perfect way to begin and end every day for a beautifully regenerated appearance.


Wet face with water. Apply product. Massage gently over face. Rinse with water.


It is very easy to use. It cleanses thoroughly and is also very gentle to the skin. Your skin is left feeling clean and refreshed. It is the perfect product for daily use. It also leaves my face feeling moisturized without a greasy residue. It also exfoliates which leaves skin smooth and soft.

Users had this to say:

  • The first time I used this product I felt my skin was very clean and radiated. It had a glow about it. The cleanser was very good and the smell was very appealing. I like the way it cleaned my face and left it smooth and refreshed. I use this cleanser every time before I put on my overnight cream.
  • This product gently exfoliates without leaving your skin feeling dry. It has a creamy texture but it deep cleans.
  • I was sceptical at first because I couldn’t believe that a less expensive product could be so effective. I love this cleanser because it makes my skin soft and clean without a drying effect “and when I wake up my skin looks youthful and glowing. I have been using this product for years and I am 41 and people think I am in my 20s

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