Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

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This season is one where there will literally be no dry nose in a house. Harmattan aggravates cold as well as causes catarrh. Also, the throat gets sore; sneezing is frequent while sometimes the eyes become wet or ruddy. The harmattan also comes with frequent headaches, sputum in the saliva because of catarrh and over time, cough. The dry, cold and dusty wind associated with harmattan also triggers sickle cell crises in affected individuals. As far as I know we still have no cure for colds or the flu. While some conventional meds can prevent the flu or shorten how long it lasts, others ease symptoms for a little while. Many natural remedies can give you short-term relief as well, and a few may help you get better. See which ones show the most promise.


This herbal supplement may boost your immune system and help fight infections. But it’s unclear whether that helps you fight off colds. Most evidence shows echinacea doesn’t help prevent a cold, but some research found it shortens symptoms by a day or two. Other studies say it has no effect. To try it, take it when you start to feel bad and continue for 7 to 10 days.


Some studies show it helps fight viruses, like the cold. They say the mineral stops certain proteins from forming before cold viruses can use them to reproduce. While zinc doesn’t appear to prevent colds, it may help shorten their length and lessen the severity if you take it within 24 hours of the first symptoms. The FDA says not to use zinc nasal products for colds — some people say they had a permanent loss of smell.

Vitamin C

It’s cold-fighting powers remain uncertain. Some research suggests it can cut cold symptoms short by about a day. One study showed that people under extreme physical stress or in cold weather were 50% less likely to get a cold if they took vitamin C. About 2,000 milligrams seems to work best, but this high dose may cause diarrhoea and stomach upset.

Hot Tea

It offers some of the same perks as chicken soup. Breathing in the steam relieves congestion, while swallowing the fluid soothes your throat and keeps you hydrated. Black and green teas have the added bonus of being loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants, which may stave off colds as well.


It’s long been known as a germ-fighter. And one study showed garlic supplements may help prevent colds when taken daily. But more research needs to be done to figure out its real effects. It does have nutrients, and in food form it can also help spice up your meals when a stuffy nose makes everything taste bland.


Breathing in steam can break up congestion in your nose, offering relief when it’s stuffy or runny. You can get a heavy dose from a room humidifier — or simply sit in the bathroom with the door shut and a hot shower running.


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