My First Encounter with Makeup

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I have a faint memory of my childhood still I cannot forget the lips of the first woman I saw wear a red lipstick; yeah you guessed right – its my sweet Mother. That memory has stayed with me even till now.

Long before MAC’s Red Ruby lipstick became a fashion statement, the red lipstick has been a representation of class, savvy, sexy and power for most women. It was the definition of beauty. An outfit without the red lipstick is never complete. A woman wearing the red lipstick had (still does) the chance to turn heads on every corner of the streets. Yes, the famous red lipstick was a staple for women of my mother’s generation, and even before.

Three decades and a half after, and millions of innovation and technology advancement, there are more thousands of shades and exciting colors within the lipstick range. Women of my generation now have different Lipstick brands, colors and even flavors to choose from. From MAC to IMAN, Tara to Zaron, Black Opal, Milani, Oriflame, Inglot, Maybelline, Urban Decay, Christiana and other glamorous brands too numerous for me to name; there is something for every woman to choose from.

I have been kissed by a woman wearing diverse shades of color on her lips every single day, and I can tell you that it is an exciting feeling to be touched by the lips of an angel wearing one of the many lip-makeup brands out there. A beautiful lips is the first thing men see on the face of every woman. Wearing the right color for the right outfit and occasion is an art that have been mastered by most women of my generation.

Recently, my partner rocked the Zaron purple and Christiana pink lipsticks; creating an ombre lips that was fabulous to behold. And do I love kissing those lips…?

I am a man, and i tell you emphatically – these are products every woman should have in her beauty arsenal.

The Burnt Orange and Bright Red shades of lipstick is never out of fashion. A woman is never wrong with a lipstick on her lips; whether a soft Pink shade or the Power Red, women of every generation knows the power of the lipstick. And she will always command the right attention with properly adorned lips.

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Resident Chief Editor, Signature Reporter. Teniolami is an accomplished makeup artist and beauty therapist with almost 10years experience in the beauty industry. She is a full-time Beauty Business Coach, Brand & Product Developer, Educator and a soon to-be published Beauty Author

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