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The brow equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, this teensy-weensy, all-in-one kit features seven – seven! – grooming goodies. Tweezers, brush, tone-on-tone powders. Even, miraculously, a 3x magnifying mirror. Its one-stop shopping, and tiny enough to be tucked in any purse or pocket. The Brow Fix line comes in three shades which are the Light, Medium and the Dark.

How to Use

First tweeze excess hairs from brows with Milani mini tweezers. Make sure to tweeze in direction of hair growth. Apply hi-lite powder to brow bone with sponge brush applicator to define arches and enhance brow bone, blending outward and upward. Apply brow powder shades with slanted brush applicator in the direction of hair growth to fill & shape perfect looking brows.

Tip: Before tweezing, you should steam your brow area with a hot washcloth for a few minutes or tweeze right after a hot shower to open up your pores for easier hair removal.

Milani Brow Fix

Why I love it

The kit includes two different brow colours. These colours can be used together to make the perfect brow shade you want, or individually. There is also a highlight shade at the top to highlight your brow bone. The kit also conveniently includes the tools you’ll need for your eyebrows which is a mini tweezer, sponge applicator and an angled brow brush

The mini tweezers are really cute and compact. If you have a few stray hairs that you notice before wanting to fill your brows in, you can get them off with the tweezers. The sponge applicator is for applying the highlight under your eyebrow. The angled brush is excellent. It has a nice firm tip, which is what you want for filling in your brows.


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