Methods of Facial Grooming

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Facial care is extremely paramount for a flawless makeup application. Healthy skin reduces the amount of time you spend on applying products to your face and it also reduces the amount of products you will have to buy in the long run. There are different methods of facial grooming but CTM is the easiest. The CTM method involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing.


Cleansing simply means removing dirt from your face. You would require a cleanser and a cotton bud for this. I always advise people to use a cleanser with a little alcohol because it wouldn’t be as harsh on the face


A toner is supposed to remove any extra dirt or oil remaining after the face has been washed with a cleanser. In a way, it unclogs the pores.


A moisturizer replenishes water content, it re-hydrates the skin.


I believe that every woman should steam her face once a week. It reduces oil shine on the face.


  1. Wash face with soap or cleanse and tone followed by a rinse with warm water.
  2. Boil water and pour in a bowl. Bend over the bowl, cover your head, and face with a towel, ensuring that steam does not escape. Close eyes and hold your head 12 inches over the steam. Steam for 10 minutes, or until water starts to drip from your face.
  3. After steaming, use a piece of damp cotton wool to squeeze out the pimples and blackheads. Do not injure the skin by forcing out stuck blockages. Blood should not ooze from the treated areas.
  4. Pat face with toner to close the pores.

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