Marc Jacobs and the Dark Skinned Girl

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Many women with darker skin can relate to the struggle of trying to find a foundation that actually matches their skin tone. Wherever they come from, whatever their race or ethnicity, many women of color can tell you when they shop for foundations, it can be a challenge as many brands overlook the diverse undertones and shades women with darker skin come in.

The folks at Marc Jacobs Beauty inadvertently provided us with a friendly reminder of this sad fact after sending a package of its Remarcable foundation range to YouTube beauty guru MannyMua, who posted an image of his box of goodies to Instagram. “HUGE thank you to @themarcjacobs@marcbeauty for the amazing package! I literally use this foundation at every event/ meet n greet and I love it (great for oily skin and those who want full coverage) and now I’m about to mix some colors for my perfect shade,” he wrote excitedly.

Well, turns out Manny’s followers weren’t as impressed with the gift as he was. Many noticed that out of 22 shades, it seems that only three would match women with darker skin tones. Considering darker women come in various shades and undertones, we think it’s safe to say that a paltry trio of deep tones wouldn’t match that many dark beauties in the first place. Manny’s fans did not hesitate to voice their criticism on Jacobs’ woefully lacking shade range, and the photo of the foundation box has been plastered all over social media as yet another example of how some beauty companies continue to ignore women of color when it comes to their product selection.

According to some commenters on Instagram, Manny responded to the controversy by taking to Snapchat to tell people not to get upset, as the frosted bottles made the foundations appear lighter. But we’re not buying it. It’s pretty obvious here the variety of colors for dark women here is lacking, as one commenter pointed out. “The bottles are frosty, yes, but it’s very, very clear that there are only 3-4 shades for POC if I’m being generous. Finding foundation as a black woman (or man) is incredibly difficult because of companies like this. Our skin has many different undertones and throwing 3 generic shades of brown out there and hoping for the best is unacceptable. Clearly Marc Jacobs understands undertones; he has 90 different shades of white there, but he couldn’t be bothered to make more than 3 for his black clientele?”

Even those this happened over two months ago-I do believe we have to continue talking about it. How can there be about five random dark skin shades-I am so certain that if people didn’t protest, they wouldn’t have made the new dark skin shades. I am tired of mixing foundations to get my colour-aren’t you? They are always too light or too dark. And Marc Jacobs just proved how our quest for the perfect colour wouldn’t end with this collection. Apart from the fact that I would want to assume it is racist-yes, I am drawing out the race card. I also believe it shows how ignorant these so-called top notch manufacturers are when it comes to what is essential for the dark skinned girl. There are makeup lines out there that cater essentially to black women-you would think that with information such as this people will know that they have to properly research before they do a line for black girls.


If you head over to the Marc Jacobs website you will see that he added “dark skin” colours to the collection. Dark skin colours that will obviously not meet the needs of the several different shades of dark skinned women out there.

What do you think? Do we have the right to be angry? Or should we allow the, continually ignore us?

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