Makeup Tutorial for Any Holiday Party

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Prep your skin. Begin with clean, moisturized skin. Don’t overdo it with the foundation and contour, we want your look to be fresh and easy for any holiday party.

Perfect brows. Your brows make a major impact. Use a tweezer to pluck any stray hairs underneath your arch. Then fill in any sparse spots with a brow powder. For even more defined face-framers, use a nude-coloured pencil to outline your eyebrows!


Eyeshadow. Outline your crease with a brown pencil for a nude look then smudge with a small fluffy brush. Apply a soft, matte pink all over your lid, extending up to over the brown in your crease. Layer a little extra shadow on the outer corners, then use a bright pink cream shadow in the crease. To make your eyes sparkle, use your ring finger to dab on a pure pigment glitter all over your lid.

Apply winged black eyeliner. This application will take you from plain to stunning in just a manner of minutes. To get this look. Apply a thin line of black liquid eyeliner toy our top lids, then add a slight wing from the outer corners of your eyes.

Mascara. Finish off with any of our bad ass mascara’s.

Add a touch of cream or powder blush.

Ombre lips. After you apply a cool red liner to the outside of your lips, blend it in at the corners using a Q-tip, but leave the center of your lips bare for now. Use a nude pencil to clean up any stray marks. Fill in the center of your lips with a warm, orange-y red pencil. Then, go over the whole thing with a neutral red lipstick. Finish with some high shine gloss, if you like.


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