Makeup Tutorial: 5 Step Guide to Perfect Brows

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Shaping your eyebrows rightly can change the appearance of your face completely. Creating the perfect arch without sacrificing what nature has given you, is what you should aim at. And don’t forget, very thin brows have the negative effect of making you look perpetually angry or surprised, whilst overly big brows can make you look like a silly cow.

To be honest, I quite like my brows full and well defined, but that is not to say I mindlessly follow the crowd mentality for so-called ‘power brows’. Rather, what you and I should focus on is understanding the shape of our face and then, use the lessons below in filling the brow to perfection.

Pictorial: 5 Step Guide to Perfect Brows

The Kit: BH Flawless Brow Trio

Customize your arches with BH Flawless Brow Trio Defining Kit. Each kit contains a mirror, a tinted wax to groom and shape brows and two different brow powders to fill in gaps and define. Use the double ended angled nylon brush included in the kit to achieve the perfect brow shape!

Pictorial: 5 Step Guide to Perfect Brows

  1. Brush it up

The first thing is to comb your hairs up to determine where needs to be filled up. Start from the front and brush out towards the tail of the brow. (Image 1)

  1. Measure It

Perfectly groomed brows align with the inner tear duct with an arch that is angled above your iris. You can work faster by using the darker brow powder in tracing out the front, arch and tail of your brows.

  1. Get some definition

Next you are going to use the angled end of the brush and the darker shade of powder in the kit to define an upper and lower perimeter (as shown in Image 2 & 3). Ensure the matte powder goes underneath the hairs to fill in some density especially where there are sparse spots.

  1. Add detail

Add a little bit more fullness with the angled brush and lighter brow powder to the front of your brow towards your nose, and then tapper out the tail of the brows with a lighter hand. (Image 4 & 5)

  1. Set it

Finish up with the tinted wax combing your brow hairs up and smoothing it down with the wand. The wax helps to lock the brows into place and sets it in place for hours. (Image 6)


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