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This makeup trend veers away from the traditional black, gray and brown Smokey eyes and goes for navy blue, deep purple and green, and pink. And if you want to truly ‘en vogue’, then you must try a color in the Marsala range – anything in the red tone will do nicely as well.
Using a color of your choice, it is smoked up almost until the brow and the color on the lower lid is brought a little lower than usual. Experiment with smoking the color out first until you find the right intensity for you. Pair it with neutral lips and cheeks and you are ready for a night out.
The key operating word here is Experiment!!!
purple smokey eyes
Moss Green Smokey EyesLime Green Smokey Eyes
To cap it all up – please remember that Makeup is all about been fun, girly and enhancing your natural assets. So, whichever trend you pick, be sure to remember that you do not necessarily have to follow them as seen on the runway. Tweak them to suit your features and ensure that you are comfortable with it.
Remember that these ‘trends’ are mere guides to what is obtainable; there are no rules to “doing you”. Don’t forget: “You are the boss of your makeup”.
So, whether you want to make a bright and bold statement with your look, or just be your natural and beautiful self… 2015, is the year for the fleekest makeup looks.

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