Makeup Mistakes We Make

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Good day Podozians,

We will be looking at the make up mistakes we have ALL made. Yes! I have made them also.

1. Foundation

The first makeup mistake we all make is that we test for the colour of our foundation on our hand. This is wrong. You are to test for the colour of your foundation on your jawline. The jawline is the line of the face formed by the lower jaw, it is situated at the bottom edge of a person’s face. Using too much foundation makes you look fake. You just need to concentrate on your problem areas like your T-Zone and add little to the rest of your face. This makes you maintain a natural look.

2. Concealer

The concealer can also be applied to the under eye area. This brightens the face, and clears off tiredness from your eyes.

3. Lip Liner

You can apply your lip liner all around your lips, most of us just apply it to the edges of our lips. Using a lip lip liner all over your lips helps lock in the lipstick.

4. Bronzer

Your bronzer isn’t supposed to be applied on your face, it is just to be applied on your nose, cheekbones, chin, and forehead.

5. Make up Brushes

You have to wash your brushes at least once a month. You might not realize, but when you don’t wash your makeup brushes, it affects the application of your foundation. Your dirty brushes can make you break out ( pimples, rashes etc). Keep your brushes sanitized by spraying them with alcohol or methylated spirit. You should also use wipes clean your brushes weekly.

6.  Black Mascara and Eyeliner 

Try brown eyeliner instead of black and you will see the difference! Brown shades look more natural. The same rule can be applied to mascara. Another important thing is to avoid drawing hard and very precise or sharp lines with eyeliner. Softer lines are preferred. Blend it with the skin and then smudge the edge with a Q-tip. One more tip for you to remember if you want a younger look is that you should avoid applying liner to your lower lid. Eyeliner on the lower eyelid makes even big eyes look considerably smaller.

7.  Mascara on Lower Lashes

Do not apply mascara to your lower lashes, especially if the texture of the mascara is rich or matted. The effect that it gives will always remind of crow’s feet. It’s great if you apply some mascara to your upper lashes. This will open up your eyes and make them more expressive and refreshed.

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