Makeup Bag Essentials II

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Good day Podozians,

Today is Cyber Monday, which is good news for Makeup Lovers. We will be continuing with our post on Makeup Bag essentials which is what is meant to be in your makeup bag. Many of us have many unwanted things in our makeup bag, we got so fixated with wanting to look good that we didn’t really consider what should be in our makeup bags.

  1. Lip balm and Lip gloss

I love lip stains!!!!!!!!  Lip glosses are really good also, the shimmer gives you a playful and flirty look.

7.  Lip Stick

Podozi has a variety of lip stick to choose from. I have several kinds of lipsticks, ranging from the different colours, to the kinds be it matte, shimmery etc. I have them ALL.

    8.  Blush and Bronzer

Bronzers can be used as a highlighter and blushes adds colours to your cheeks. We have a wide variety of Blushes and Bronzers on Podozi.

     9. Concealer

A concealer is really good for covering blemishes and dark areas under the eyes. Concealers from different authentic brands can be found on Podozi.

    10. Make up Remover

The Cherimoya Makeup Remover 30 wipes with Aloe Vera. They are cleansing towelettes that remove oil, dirt, and waterproof makeup.

Cherimoya Make Up Remover 30 wipes Aloe Vera

Regular Price: ₦1,000.00


11. Hand Sanitizers and Alcohol

The Hegai and Esther Hand Sanitizer is  very effective at killing most germs, including most bacteria and viruses and also the Hegai and Esther Isopropy alcohol functions well to inhibit the growth and reproduction of many microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses, that can easily grow on makeup products.

Hegai and Esther Hand Sanitizier 70ml
Hegai and Esther Isopropyl Alcohol 250ml

Whew! There are so many products you need in your makeup purse, I thought I could do about 5 but when i started, I realised I needed to add some additional things.

We loveeeee feedback from our Podozi dolls. Send us pictures of your bag up bag with products gotten from Podozi.


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