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‘It wasn’t until i found Makeup & Cosmetics… that I found a Purpose to my Life’

Women with different skin conditions explain how they use make-up to present themselves to the world in a way that feels genuine, not as a means of hiding away. Using the Dermablend Cosmetic brands, the women are able to use the makeup as a tool for good.

According to Dermablend’s spokesperson, the brand’s mission is “to empower men and women of all ethnicities with high coverage needs so they can blend in to stand out”

Dermablend-makeup for good

One of the women is Cassandra Bankson – a model, student and YouTuber. For years she endured insults from people around her (some called her freak of nature, exorcist, etc.), while others wished faster death on her grandfather so he wouldn’t have to see her face again. By camouflaging her condition with make-up, ‘people could look completely through it and see who I was as a person.

With tears in her eyes she explains. ‘When you hear things like that on a daily basis, it becomes really hard to love yourself.’

‘It wasn’t until I found make-up and cosmetics, and a passion within myself that I found purpose to my own life’


About Dermablend

Created by an American dermatologist, Dermablend has been recognized as the expert in camouflage cosmetics since 1981. Today, Dermablend is the #1 dermatologist recommended camouflage brand with formulas that go beyond coverage to camouflage. Whatever your coverage need, camouflage it flawlessly with Dermablend Professional.

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