How To Mentally Prepare for Transitioning to Natural Hair

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I am gradually associating myself with the natural hair gang. Lol! I haven’t added any chemical to my hair in almost 6 months, it hasn’t been easy however, coupled with the fact that I have to always think of weaves that won’t show the roots of my hair. But, apart from that, there are mental preparations you have to do as well. This post will focus on those mental aspects.


Address your fears

I think one thing about transitioning is how your loved ones will take it. Will my family support me, will guys like it, will my boyfriend like this, will I still experience pain as I did when I was younger etc. These fears are normal, everyone will love your hair. I also struggled with that foe a while, so I didn’t tell anymore, just the stylists and guess what they said. They discouraged me, told me it would hurt and all that, but I remained steadfast and it’s almost 6 months.

Patience is your friend.

So when I read that it takes a year to transition from relaxed to natural hair. I almost had a nervous breakdown! A year! I almost went for the big chop, but I just couldn’t, low cut isn’t my friend. I have had to learn patience with my relaxed hair. My hair is beginning to shrink by the way, and I am so excited. It seems my patience is wearing off.

Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Hair!

Don’t tamper with your hair a lot during this transitioning phase. I do believe it reduces the breakage that will eventually happen. I make my hair once a month, yes, I only fix my weaves and wash it once month because the more I see the relaxed hair; the more tempted I am to add chemicals to it. Keep your hands off it!

No pain No Gain

Sometimes it will hurt to make your hair especially when you are transitioning. But, no pain no gain. Stick it out for a few months and it will pay off in the end.


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