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Big brows, thin brows, short brows, long brows, hairy or hairless. I don’t believe that there is ONE proper way to rock your brows. As long as your brows are neat – you’re confident and feel good in your brows, then that’s all that matters; I call it having a “Brow-Romance” and in this post I’ll be teaching you how to groom your brows.

Over the last two years, the brow wars have gone from a pasttime to an all-out war for beauty bloggers. To some, the “power” brow is the real deal and to others, expertly drawn brows is the only way you can prove you are a real women. Regardless of what brow trend is currently gaining steam on social media , the Podozi Woman knows that true beauty is not about blindly following trends; rather beauty is what makes her unique! Because who wants to look like everyone else anyways? Be YOU!


Now, I haven’t said you should not groom your brows perfectly. Heck no! We groom our brows – not because the world says we should, but because we love the way our beautiful faces look even more put together when we pay attention to every angle & curve. Remember, its called – “Brow-Romance”

So How should You Groom Your Brows?

The type of product you pick to fill-in your brows depends on the type of look you want to create.

If you want crisp, defined brows: Use Eye Brow Pencils
Begin with your pencil at the front of the brow, and fill in using quick, short strokes in the direction of hair growth. Follow all the way to the end of the brow, tapering off at the tip. Use Milani’s Secret Cover Concealer Stick or L.A Girl’s Pro Concealer and trace around the brow to clean the edges and lift the brow bone.

For full, soft focus brows: Use Brow Fix Gels or Powders

When using a brow powder kit, you will usually find two shades. The reason for two shades in a brow powder kit is for creating dimension and building intensity. With Brow Powders, you can change the amount of intensity based on how much pressure you use to apply the product. Begin with the lightest shade and fill in your brows entirely with an angled brow brush, moving in quick, short strokes in the direction of hair growth. Use the dark shade to bump up the front, arch and tip of the brow.

For a longer wear, I actually love to use the Zaron Eye Brow Shadow Powder on top of my H&E Brow Gel before the powder which will help the product adhere better to the skin.



If you are more of the Brow Gel girl, then begin with a brow pencil just to define the areas of your brows, then fill in short strokes with the brow gel brush. Lightest on the base, thickest in the middle and tapper off sharply at the end.

Clean out the edges and highlight your brow bone (totally optional) with a Concealer in your shade if you don’t want a pronounced look or in a shade one step lighter for a more glam finish.

And to keep this look fresh from 8am – 5pm, apply the Zaron or Milani Brow Powder on top of your Gel.

For all day brows: Use Brow Tint Pen

Tinted brow pens are a great way to get full brows that last all day – especially for those days you are in a hurry to leave the house. Use the pen just as you would a pencil and, beginning at the front of the brow, apply in short, quick strokes in the direction of hair growth.

Alternatively, you can apply Milani’s Brow Shaping Clear Gel over any other brow products for a longer wear.


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