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I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you our wonderful Signature readers and customers at, asking me to show them: HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT CAT EYE.

Well, in this short post I will briefly explain what you need to do, in 3 quick simple steps- highlighting the products you need and how to use those products – in order to create the perfect cat eye look.

So, How Do You Create the Perfect Cat Eye Look?

How to create the perfect cat eye


Step 1:

Begin your cat eye by first sketching your lashline with a pencil liner. To do this, you can try the Milani Liquid Eye Pen (this one OR this one);

Then proceed to perfecting that with a liquid liner – I will recommend the L.A Girl Fineline Liquid Liner. Both steps (and products) will allow for a longer wear and a more precise application.

Ensure that you apply the pencil liner as close as you possibly can to your lash line – and drawing it out thinner as you get nearer to the inner corners of your eye.

Step 2:

To achieve a crisp, clean look, trace over your sketched line with liquid eyeliner; I will recommend Milani’s Eye Tech Formulas’ (this one OR this one). Both are same formula, but the former’s ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold and keep a steady hand – a trick you must master in order to draw straight sharp lines with liquid liners.

Alternatively, you can try the L.A Girl Mark My Eyes Liquid Liner.

For either brand, be sure to use the side of the applicator, rather than the tip, for a smoother & more precise application. If your hand feels unsteady, rest your pinky finger on your cheek for extra stability.

Step 3:

The most challenging part of a cat eye is making sure the angles are even on both sides. Align your pencil with the side of your nose and angle it towards the end of your brow. Draw a dot and use that as guide for the direction of your angle.

To draw the line, flip the pen around so that the tip is facing outward. Align the pen tip so it extends your lash line towards the end of your brow and pull through towards the center of your eyelid.

Continue to trace over the line until desired intensity and shape is achieved. Clean up your look using any concealer of your choice; but I will recommend the L.A Girl Pro Concealer or Zaron Stick Concealer

How to create the perfect cat eye

Don’t forget – makeup is always fun.

So, if you make a mess – just wipe it all of with the very soft Cherimoya Makeup Remover Wipes.

And, start over.



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