Hot Pink Lips for Dark Skin

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hot pink for dark skin

Hot pink lips can be a no-no for dark skinned girls, but with proper application, you can rock hot pink lipstick with your dark skin tone. I happen to be very dark, but I rock the Hot Pink Lipstick very well.

Dark girls need to be really careful when applying Hot Pink Lipsticks as too much can make you look like a clown instead of a Podozi Doll. I always wear Hot Pink Lipstick when i have light make-up on. I don’t think that as a dark person your make up should be too pronounced when you have on hot pink lips.  

Never use the Hot Pink Lipstick directly on your lips, it will always look messy.

1. Moisturize

I moisturize my lips before I apply lipstick. It just preps the lips, and allows the lipstick glide well on my lips.


Maybelline Baby Lips Maybelline Baby Lips

Regular Price: ₦1,000.00


2. Liner

I always use a liner before I apply any Hot Pink Lipstick, it just gives structure to my lips. I love using a neutral lip liner on my lips because it gives the illusion that my lips are smaller. You can decide to apply the line liner all over your lips or just where your lip line is.  When you are done with this, press both lips together, this makes them blend.

3. Apply the Lipstick.

When you are done prepping the lips with a BH Lip Liner Brush, you can now apply the lipstick on the lips. I always prefer to use a lip brush for application, but you can decide to directly apply the lipstick on your lips. Apply a lip gloss to prevent the lip color from bleeding. If however your lip balm is glossy, you will not need a lip gloss because the gloss will penetrate through the lipstick. You can now reapply as many times as possible.

I attached all my favorite Lipsticks brands with Hot Pink Lipsticks to die for , they are all found on Podozi.

Tara High Shine Lip Stain Tara High Shine Lip Stain

Regular Price: ₦1,650.00


Tara Shiny & Nourishing Lipstick Tara Shiny & Nourishing Lipstick
L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss

Regular Price: ₦1,500.00


Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm

Regular Price: ₦3,500.00


Zaron Lipstick Zaron Lipstick

L.A Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color L.A Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color

Regular Price: ₦1,600.00



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