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Today we will be looking at how to keep your lips moist and your skin looking tantalizingly alluring this harmattan season. While some people love this season, some people dread it, especially those people that hate lotion on their bodies.


According to an article on Tunde Oguntola wrote that Harmattan is not the best of time for asthma patients due to much amounts of dust associated with the season. It basically aggravates cold as well as causes catarrh. Also, the throat gets sore; sneezing is frequent while sometimes the eyes become wet or ruddy. The harmattan also comes with frequent headaches, sputum in the saliva because of catarrh and over time, cough. The dry, cold and dusty wind associated with harmattan also triggers sickle cell crises in affected individuals.

There are so many challenges one could face during this period like cracking of lips or breaking of lips, sole of the feet, cold, dry skin, catarrh, cough and a lot more but among all, cold is the major problem. Experts stress that, to effectively curtail the evil effects of the harmattan season, everyone must be ready to play by the rules and improve on their hygiene during this period.

  • Drink lots of water! Avoid carbonated soft drinks. They dehydrate your skin quite bad.
  • We should practice a healthy food preservation culture. Fruits and vegetables should be properly washed before eating and those of us that store our drinking water should always ensure that the containers are always adequately covered.
  • Remember to keep your hair moisturized and also do hairstyles that keep your hair ends hidden. You can also wrap up your hair to protect it from the dust.
  • Wear warm clothes; they will protect you from the severe cold.
  • You have to keep your lips moisturized during this season. Failure to moisturize will have your lips looking cracked and very disturbing.
  • You really need to apply as many coats of body cream as you ca. I also always carry along with me a hand and body cream just in case my hands and or feet decide to get dry.
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