Eyebrow Mistakes

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Today we will be looking at common eyebrow mistakes we all make.


According to Wikipedia, the eyebrow is an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eye that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges of some mammals. Their main function is hypothesized to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are also important to human communication and facial expression. It is not uncommon for people to modify their eyebrows by means of hair addition, removal, makeup, tattoo, or piercings.

  1. Shaving off your eyebrows

Never ever completely shave off your eyebrows. It’s a beauty NO!NO! Plucking eyebrows too much or too little can throw the balance of your features off.

  1.    Eyebrow Pencil

Hibba Kapil, brow expert and founder of Hibba NYC says, “Buy a brow product that’s a shade or two lighter than your actual hair color.” It looks more natural and less harsh that way.

  1. Tweezing too Often

Don’t tweeze your eyebrows everyday, it can lead to some serious over-plucking. I shape my brows once a month, because my brows don’t grow so fast. Allowing them to grow, there’s little to no chance of you making them too thin.


  1. Going Too Bold

A good pencil can really up your brow game when used correctly, but many of us tend to be a bit too heavy-handed when applying it. Instead of a hard line, pencil in your brows using short, light strokes for a more natural look. Alternatively, try a product like , which uses a tapered brush for a clean and effortless application.

  1. Making Brows Identical

When grooming your brows, don’t obsess over symmetry. Try to shape your eyebrows in a way that ensures they start and end at generally the same points. Keep in mind that your face isn’t perfectly symmetrical, so your brows may not be either (as the saying goes, eyebrows should be sisters, not twins).


  1. Misplacing Your Arch

A strong arch is essential for giving you the ultimate sultry gaze. An arch too close to the center of the brow, however, could leave you stuck with a perpetually surprised or angry look. Avoid this angry look by keeping the arch two-thirds of the way out from the beginning of your brow. This will enhance your eye shape rather than distract from it.

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