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The Cut Crease is for the advanced makeup enthusiast. It is a technique in which the crease is “cut” sharply with a contrasting eye shadow colour to give it that really dramatic defined crease. There is usually always dramatic sharp liner to go with it, and the makeup is very angular.

This is a style takes some practice to master and should not be attempted blindly-it takes a lot of practice. The glamorous cut crease eye makeup is one of those techniques that require the instructions of a professional, so if you want to learn how to achieve it, read this tutorial I did for you guys.

The technique implies the use of a strong contrast between the light shades on the lids and the dark ones in the crease, which fade on the brow bone. The Cut Crease is a graphic eye makeup that still has a smoky component to it, so it does take some makeup skills to achieve. However, done right, the look is pure glamor, as I’m sure you’ve seen in magazines and on instagram.

The goal of a cut crease is to create a starkly defined arc that separates your lid from the browbone. The colour above and below the cut crease can be blended, but the line should be ultrasharp. If done right, this technique can make your eyes look bigger.


Begin by priming your eyes with a good eye primer from lashline to brow. Next, use an angled eyeshadow brush to line your crease.

Next, apply a base shadow to the lid, and use a white highlight on the brow bone and inner corners of your eye.

Use any eyeliner you like to sketch a V-shape starting from the crease in the middle of your eye and connecting to the outer corner of your eye. Ensure the line thicker toward the outer corner, and use less pressure toward the inner corner, to make the liner thinner and lighter.”

Next, use an eye shader brush to blend your eyeliner out toward the outer corner of your eye.

TIP: Try to keep the bottom of your cut crease a sharp line.

Using the top line of your eyeliner as a guide, apply any eye shadow you’d like over the line and slightly above it, blending in toward the inner corner of your eye.

TIP: Clean up any mistakes along the way with your white eyeshadow.

Wing out your eyeliner for added pizaz!

Run the same eyeshadow you used on your eyelids (or an eyeliner in a corresponding colour) along your lower lash line for another subtle pop of colour.

For the cheeks, use a bronzer to define your cheekbones and add a good highlight to the top of your cheeks. Add your favorite matte red lipstick to finish the look.

This eye is perfect for a dramatic daytime look or a night time look.

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