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Today, we will be looking at how to care for the natural hair with our range of products from Curls & Naturals.

Going to a salon with natural hair can be traumatizing, these stylist have no idea of how to comb our hair or how to style it, they pull and tug at our hair, which is really painful especially if you have stubborn hair(like me!).

The Curls & Naturals Collection from Biocare Labs is expertly formulated to condition and care for natural hair delivering exceptional results every time. This collection tailored for the african hair is an anti-Oxidant, rich, blend of Natural Honey, Pure Shea Butter, silk proteins, Coconut Oil, Abysinnian Oil and nature’s finest plant essences. It is also Free of Parabens, Dyes, and Mineral Oils and Sulfates. This is every naturals dream. The best part, these products are very affordable.


The Curls & Naturals Leave In Conditioner is superb. The application of this product is great as it has a lot of slip.  Your curls just absorb the product and the detangling process is a cruise.

Curls & Naturals Leave In Conditioner

Regular Price: ₦1,850.00



Your hair feels very moisturized after shampooing with the Curls & Naturals Cleansing Shampoo. This product manages to remove all the build-up you have on my hair as well.  

Curls & Naturals Cleansing Shampoo


The Daily Moisturizing Serum contains Shea Butter & Natural Honey with Abyssinian Oil. It revitalizes curls. It contains anti-frizz shine serum to refresh curls daily.

Curls & Naturals Daily Moisturizing Serum


Every type of natural hair—from curly ringlets to kinky coiled styles—embodies beauty, versatility and vibrancy when you use our Curls & Naturals collection. Embrace the incredible beauty of your natural hair with Curls & Naturals available at Podozi.

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