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From Contouring to the Perfect Cat Eye Looks, to the Perfect Smokey Eye; our wonderful readers here at Signature have been full of questions lately – wanting to know How they might use all those wonderful beauty products they buy on our sister site,, into creating the most amazing & stunning makeup looks – that sure gets them noticed and heads turning, whether at work or at play.

Well, my girls and I have been busy putting pens to paper (and soon Faces to Camera – Beauty & Makeup Videos, Whoopie!!!!) to bring you the most explanatory DIY tutorial guides you will need to fulfil all your beauty or makeup fantasies.

Like I always tell you – Makeup is meant to be Fun! Yes, there are a few rules, but they are only there to guide you, not stifle or dictate your creativity.

How to Create the Perfect Smokey Eye

Now, without any further delay – let’s get right into today’s topic:

How do I create the Perfect Smokey eye?

The most important thing to remember about a smoky eye is that it is a technique, not a color.

You can choose to do a smoky eye in any color you wish – Hot Pink, Sultry Blue, Glam Black, whatever;  just remember that it should always be darkest starting at your lashline and gradually getting lighter as it approaches your crease.

For a basic smoky eye, select 3 eyeshadow colors in the same shade family: Dark, Medium and Light hues of the same shade. (Try My Favorite Palette Here)

Now, follow these steps for a traditional smoky eye:

  1. Use a black eyeliner pencil, such as Milani’s Eyeliner or L.A Girl Mark My Eyes Liquid Liner (or you can just use the Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Black) and draw a thick line just above your lash line. Fill in between your eyelashes for added intensity and thickness.
  2. Using a flat eye shadow brush, apply the darkest shade of the three colors you have selected and press it over the eyeliner, applying it all the way to the crease of your eye. The darkest shade should not go past your crease. Using powder eye shadow on top of the creamy texture of the pencil will help to set your liner to keep from smudging.
  3. With your medium tone, use a fluffy blending brush and apply to the crease of your eye in a back and forth sweeping motion. The medium tone should overlap the darkest shade at the crease, and should eliminate any hard lines created by the darkest shade.
  4. With an all-over shadow brush, use your lightest shade and overlap the medium shade to blend out the harsh edges and create a brow highlight.
  5. I always choose to do my foundation after the application of the smoky eye, because product fall out can occur when using such dark shades. Applying foundation after the eye shadow will help erase any fall out and create a crisp, clean look.
  6. Always top off with a few coats of mascara to finish the look. Zaron Volumnizing Mascara or the Tara Volume Boost (available in blue & black) will give the perfect combination of length and volume with a rich black finish.



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