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When contouring a round face, shade around the edges of the face to minimize the fullness, then highlight the centre to create balance. Round face shapes are exactly as they sound- the widest point is across the cheekbones, narrowing some at the forehead and jawline. This face shape is not angular at all, and is wider than the typical oval or oblong face.


Step 1: Apply contouring product to the following areas: under your cheekbones, along your jawline, your temples, along the sides and tip of your nose and the crease of the eye.

Step 2: Apply highlighter to these areas: underneath your brow bone, your eyelid, the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones.

Tip: The centre of your face as much as possible in order to draw attention to the middle of your face (instead of the roundness of your jawline).

Step 3: Blend all contouring and highlighting with a brush. When blending your cheekbones, blend both upward and downward so the product looks even and there are no obvious lines. When blending your eye area, go side to side (think: windshield wiper motion).

Step 4: Define your eyes by applying contouring product along your lower lash line and white eyeliner in your inner rim. If you have a round face, skip blush or highlighter on the apples of your cheeks (it will just make them look rounder). Instead, apply it just above your cheekbone to bring out your bone structure.

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