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Contouring is a means by which makeup artist’s and makeup junkies define their features-or alter them. It is the art of making some parts of your face appear slimmer than it usually will. When you apply foundation to your entire face, you’ve created a blank canvas, contouring is you adding precision to that blank canvas. Contouring creates the illusion of a stronger jawline, more chiseled cheeks and a slimmer face.


With the darker of the two stick foundations, “Trace the temples. If you have a larger forehead, carry straight into the hairline to minimize it,” Dam-Mikkelsen says. “To bring out your cheekbones, find the hollow part by placing your fingers on the sides of your face, and where you feel it dip underneath the bones, just above is where you place your pigment. With the nose, you can go a little bit narrower at the tip or you can carry it into the brow if you have a shorter nose to add length or width.”

DO’s and DON’T’s of Contouring

It’s also important to keep your face shape in mind when you want to contour. Read my post for contouring different face shapes

Put your hair away from your face-ponytail, so you’ll be able to see what you’re doing without it getting in the way.

You can contour with cream. Patting the products into your skin with your fingers gives it a natural finish. You can also contour with a powder using a fan brush, choose a sheer formula-this gives a softer contour.

Use a shade darker than your skin tone. Don’t go two shades darker else it will be too obvious.

Don’t use glitter for contouring. Anything with noticeable sparkles will always look unnatural. Coloured girls need a warmer golden highlighter for a glow that looks natural.

Highlighting brings light to your face. To highlight in a natural looking lightly coat the pointer, middle, and ring fingers with highlighter then run your fingers up and down your cheekbones, and then dab whatever’s left over on your brow bones, the centre of your chin, and just one tap on the tip of your nose.

Blending is paramount when contouring. Even when you have overdone it, blending with an H&E tones the excesses down. Or, you can blend with a powder to even the look.


If you want instant cheekbones, suck in your cheeks by working from the tops of the hollows inward, shade along and just beneath the sunken area, stopping about an inch from the corner of your mouth, then blend well with your finger or a sponge.

To slim your nose, blend two lines of the shading cream or powder from the start of your brows down the sides of the bridge of your nose with a small shadow brush.

To make your pout noticeable. Place a touch of highlighter—or even a concealer that’s two or three shades lighter than your skin—on top of the cupid’s bow and on the center of the chin. Blend well with a brush.

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