Clever Tips to Make your Eyes look Bigger

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Isn’t it amazing that people with big eyes always want to use makeup to make them to look smaller while those with smaller ones-want to make them bigger? I love big eyes-I envy those with huge white eyeballs. There’s just something about them that draws you in-especially if the eyebrows are perfectly groomed and the makeup is lit!

I have been experimenting-as usual with the Whiteliner trend-at the beginning, I always looked hideous, the white was always too much smearing my lashes and even my eye shadow-don’t ask how.

I have decided to give Podozians tips on how to make those small sleepy eyes bigger. Enjoy the read.

Get rid of dark circles

Dark circles can make your eyes appear smaller. The right concealer can work wonders on darkness and discoloration. It can also brighten the entire eye area and draw attention to darker lashes.

Lash Curler

Every woman should own an eyelash curler. It can immediately make your eyes appear wider and more open.


Apply a lengthening formula along the upper and lower lashes to create wide, doe eyes, and then brush a thickening coat over the top for even flirtier lashes. Apply an additional swipe near the centre of the upper lash line to really draw the eyes upward.

L.A Girl Pro Concealer L.A Girl Pro Concealer
Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream


Ardell Professional Lash Curler Ardell Professional Lash Curler
BH Eyelash Curler BH Eyelash Curler


L.A Colors Bold Lash Mascara Plus Eye Pencil L.A Colors Bold Lash Mascara Plus Eye Pencil

Regular Price: ₦2,500.00


Tara Fibre Fuse Mascara Tara Fibre Fuse Mascara

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Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Panorama Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Panorama
Zaron XXL Lengthening Mascara Zaron XXL Lengthening Mascara

Tight Line

To enhance your lashes and frame your eyes, apply a super skinny strip of black liquid liner along the base of your upper lashes.



The right eyeliner-especially coloured ones makes the eyes appear whiter and bigger

Eye Shadow

Vibrant shades such as aqua, silver, or pink look best on bare lids and a dark colour blended into the outer corners is perfect for an evening look.

Cat Eyes

Take your pencil from the centre of the lash line out, and make it a little thicker on the outer corners. Smudge away any harsh lines with a cotton swab or clean eye-shadow brush.

Zaron Eye Pencil Zaron Eye Pencil

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L.A Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner L.A Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner

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L.A Color Metallic Eyeshadow L.A Color Metallic Eyeshadow

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L.A Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection L.A Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection

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Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner

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Milani Eye Tech Bold Milani Eye Tech Bold
BH Gel Eyeliner Onyx BH Gel Eyeliner Onyx
Milani Eye Tech  Perfection Milani Eye Tech Perfection
Cailyn IT Liquid Eyeliner Cailyn IT Liquid Eyeliner

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