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STOP EVERYTHING! Bold Brows are in season! And we love it! The bold brows trend is the look right now. If you’ve flicked through a magazine or looked at a style website lately or even instagram, you’d know what I’m referring to. To think there was a time I had heard bold brows weren’t in at that time, so I did everything-except shaving my whole brows off to get thin brows.


A double-ended brush

Eyebrow Trimmer tames any lengthy wisps

Use a white pencil before picking up the tweezers to determine which hairs to pluck.

A pencil conceals sparse areas.


The first step to pulling off the bold brows trend is to let your brows grow out. A naturally shaped brow is the best way to complement your facial features. Put down the tweezers and avoid any overly plucking.

TIP: Use a brow comb to brush long hairs upward in the same direction of their growth, then trim the excess length with tiny scissors.

Growing out your brows may cause them to look untamed. Tame them with the use of a brow brush and set them with brow gel. A swipe of brow gel holds everything in place.

Use a brow pencil or shadow to give your brows some definition. This will help define and shape your brows. Be sure apply the shadow in light strokes and avoid being too heavy handed, this will keep it look natural.

For a bold brow, fill them in with a shade darker than your natural colour. Try using a matte eyeshadow rather than a brow pencil to create a more blended look.

Send me pictures of your bold brows!


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