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Whether you are a woman in your early twenties, a thirty-something or even in your forties and fifties, Beauty is one of the common themes that binds us all together. Every one of us deserves to look our best at all times, and when we spend our hard-earned cash on monthly beauty essentials, we truly deserve to get the most out of our beauty regimen and look fab at all times.

Remember, Life is for living, and not a dress rehearsal. Make up your mind to inculcate these few tips (I call them “rules” just to add a nice ring to it) into whatever else is working for you now. It’s all about becoming a more fab-version of you, irrespective of what age you’re rocking now.


  • Smile More – From those #earlymorning tweets motivating us, to the numerous magazines, blogs & radio shows offering words of inspiration, we’re all focused on being a happier person than we’ve ever been irrespective of the number of contrary news flying around. These are all good things to do. Smiling more is often at the root of these messages.

However, stained tooth or bad cavities can quickly get in your way of that objective. What to do? Make up your mind to get your teeth looking naturally bright. Try to stay away from dark foods if possible. If drinking coffee or other fizzy drinks, try & use a straw to protect your teeth, and rinse with clear water afterwards to neutralize the effect. A good way also is to invest in a tube of Optifresh Floride Toothpaste, a whitening toothpaste complete with refreshing cool peppermint to keep your breath fresh all day long. This is one product worth its weight in gold if you catch my drift.

  • Go Bright – Coral, Pink, Orange lipstick shades are the new fab ways to rock perfect pouty lips. They are fun, upbeat colors that help you to look fresher, younger & extra fabulous. Just leave out the Reds, except for those occasions you want to appear timeless, more formal & a lot grown-up. For an even more matured/daytime look, try the Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in nude; The elegant casing is sure to make you feel fab, just like the diva you are *winks*
  • Upgrade the Wand – Tell the truth. How long have you had your current mascara? Recently, a poll was carried out by Olay to find out that one product most women couldn’t live without. You guessed right, it’s the mascara.

Since we all cherish our eyelash enhancer so much, I opine that we make it a rule to upgrade this special product every three months. From extra lengthening, to mega volume and fuller curls, there are more than enough options out there to get your natural lashes looking extra fab!

I discovered just the right treasure in Giordani Gold Lash Panorama; my lashes have never curled better and with precise definitions.

  • Smell like a Million Bucks – Do you know there is scientific proof that scents have the power to boost your mood? And am sure you already know that your mood is the determining factor for how your day turns out…

So, bring out the best in you by tapping into the power of the scents. From your bath gels, to your body cream, hand lotions, hair creams or sprays, you can bring a little fragrance into your life. Fresh smelling scents helps to lift us out of the blues and keeps us feeling upbeat & in-charge all day.

My Super-Boost Scents are the Milk & Honey Gold Body Cream and the Precious Moments Perfume – just because every day is precious and diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

  • Get your Dewy On – Beauty trends across the globe is all about sheer, radiant complexions, achieved with lots of moisture & hydration. If you live in Nigeria *Lagos* presently, am sure you’ll agree with me that hydration & moisture is very essential right about now. When picking your foundation especially, look out for products with a hint of iridescence. Your skin will thank for that extra touch of moisture & hydration. And if you’ve never tried the Very Me Smoothie Foundation, you are truly a *Lastma. Common girl, where you been?
  • Treat your Locks Right – It’s not just your skin that needs extra care, you must ensure that your hair gets the glow factor too. Look out for products that give your hair that healthy, nourished look; its time to invest in some quality conditioners, that will give your locks a good gloss finish, in an ultra-light, bouncy way. Try the HairX Restore Therapy Range – you’ll thank me later!
  • Pamper your Pout – Do you want sexy full lips? It’s time to invest in a good lip gloss; it’s a sure way of achieving a chic look in just moments. Hey, am not talking about those tacky-runny liquids but the real deal in Very Me Mirror Gloss.

The trick to getting this look right is to use a lip primer first, line your lips with a nude liner, then fill in your whole mouth with the Very Me Mirror lip gloss; you can then apply the gloss or skip this if you want an understated matte look. Following the outlined steps will ensure you aren’t left with a hard outline. Contrast those sexy lips against fresh naked skin and minimal eye makeup for a modern twist.

  • Grow the Brows – In keeping with trends, many women have over trimmed & over plucked their brows. Forget the big brows please. It’s time for some youthful, natural eyebrows. As tempting as it might appear, keep the tweezers out of sight until your brows are fully grown; then lightly groom with very minimal tweezing. Instead, comb out and fill in with soft strokes from the Very Me Double Trouble Pencil – this is a budget buy as it comes in double colors on the other end which you can use to line your eyes.
  • Keep your Palms Soft – The keyword here is soft, not slippery. Soft hands are key when making a good first impression. Imagine how embarrassing it is to meet someone for the first time, and you’re grabbing rough, calloused hands.

Our hands perform a lot of work, so getting dry, rough hands is pretty easy. The task for you is to ensure you pay attention to caring for them by using moisturizing liquid soaps to wash your hands, opt for warm instead of hot water, use rubber gloves when doing house chores, exfoliate your hands every other week at least, and use an hand cream regularly.

Invest in Nourishing Hands for Dry Skin or Nourishing Hands for Normal/Combination Skin.

  • Sweat it Out – When most people think of exercise, they wrongly assume its all about losing weight. If you are one of those who think like that, I must say you’ve been missing out on a great deal of benefits. Exercising in truth can be beneficial not only in getting fit, but also in getting clear complexions, blemish free skin, less wrinkles, and strong healthy hair.

So, what you waiting for? Go Sweat it Out please and do not forget to carry your Smell-Guard, Activelle 24h Deodorant.

Who says you can’t smell yummy whilst working out!!!

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Resident Chief Editor, Signature Reporter. Teniolami is an accomplished makeup artist and beauty therapist with almost 10years experience in the beauty industry. She is a full-time Beauty Business Coach, Brand & Product Developer, Educator and a soon to-be published Beauty Author

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