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Let me be the first to announce to you that Makeup is ‘meant to be fun, playful and full of personal expression of creativity’. Makeup, as my tutor at the U.S Sonya Beauty Academy so righteously preached, is meant to enhance who you are, not change or impersonate you.

Over the years, several ‘self-appointed’ guru’s and celebrities have appeared on the scene, touting one new trend or the other, which the rest of us must without fail follow to the letter, else we’d be banished to the land of “No Instagram Likes” because we aren’t deemed trendy or in vogue. Not like any true confident & accomplished sister of color needs social media approval to be awesome! (Topic for another day 🙂

Now, some of these trends have simply been fabulous and a few have even become staples of our daily beauty lives – Smokey Eyes, Ombre Lips, Winged Liners, etc. just to name a few. However, from time to time, we have seen trends that simply took all the fun & loving out of Makeup/Beauty ‘routines’, and sought to turn us all into some zombie-like groupie where everyone sought to out-perform the other in an endless stream of amassing I.G likes or twitter followership.

Beauty By-Gone of 2015

For the sake of all that is Beautiful & Fabulous, here’s wishing that a lot of those foolishness disappeared with 2015 into the land-of-no-return. And may our 2016 (Please raise your wine-filled glass; juice or water too is fine:) be filled with flawless, awesome beauty so much that the fairies in the skies will wish they could rock makeup just like us!

Below is my compilation of the most ‘gory-inspiring’ trends we pray are now Beauty By-Gone of 2015:

(Please note the images used below are for illustration purposes alone, and are not meant to discredit any one or group. In addition, we tried to use images that aren’t actually so gross & puke-worthy. Want to see some really creepy image, just search online)

All images used were sourced from Google Image Bank

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

By far the grossest, worsest (if ever there’s a word like that) and scariest of all trends to hit the beauty sidewalks of 2015 was the Kylie Lip Challenge. Going over some of those images again just gives me the creeps! Don’t believe me? Just ask Google.

Beauty By-Gone of 2015

Beyond the utter ugliness of it, there’s the serious health risk to boot! Why anyone would suggest themselves to something so potentially dangerous is beyond me. Please sisters, if you aren’t super cool with your lip size, grab a lip pencil and some ultra gloss (a DIY Video coming up on this very soon) and you’ll be well on your way to the plumpest, sexist lips ever!

Whatever you do, please never entertain thoughts of using a plumping device or getting lip injections. That so Gross!

Bubble Nails

From aquarium nails to duck feet to stiletto shapes, manicures were the rave in 2015. However, the one that’s just baffling is the wonder “Bubble Nails”. Like seriously? Please!!! Just check the images below and see for yourself – cos boy, I am just weak trying to write anything about it.

Beauty By-Gone of 2015

Beauty By-Gone of 2015

Clown Contouring

Sure, almost everyone looks better with accentuated cheekbones. When done correctly, the result can be extraordinary; from redefining your bone structure and facial shape, to highlighting your best features and camouflaging your worst ones. Unfortunately, done wrong – it can be worst online trend you ever followed.

Beauty By-Gone of 2015

Beauty By-Gone of 2015Beauty By-Gone of 2015

Power Brows

Am all for ‘perfectly’ groomed eyebrows. But there is something very creepy about brows that take over your entire face – those badly drawn in brows are soooo not okay. Same goes for the silly ‘Ombre Brows’ trend that looks so airbrushed; seriously sisters!

Beauty By-Gone of 2015




Beauty By-Gone of 2015





Tip: Never forget, your brows are supposed to be “Sisters with good resemblance, not Siamese Twins”.






There were more annoying beauty/makeup trends that took the internet captive in 2015, but I think am gonna rest it here cos seriously am as exhausted as you are by now!

Beauty By-Gone of 2015


Please share your thoughts and comments below;

Perhaps you’ve seen even “worser” trends that makes your stomach churn? We can hold hands and pray them to oblivion, maybe! (just kidding!)

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