Beautiful Skin? Veggies & Fruits to the Rescue

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Maybe you are like me and have often wondered – “what exactly does eating boring fruits and vegetables got to do with my skin?” Afterall, all I need to look beautiful is a good cream/lotion for my skin and makeup applied like a pro, Yes? No, you are soooooooooo wrong! To be beautiful on the outside (Think Halle Berry kind of olive toned skin or Omotola Ekehinde’s envy-inducing beauty), you must be doubly beautiful on the inside too. And I mean, the kind of beauty upgrade fruits and veggies will spark inside of you.


Now before you dismiss me as some nut-cracking, natural fascist – take a moment to consider: What have I to lose by learning how I can enhance my beauty? Nothing! Rather, you have all to gain and maybe something worthwhile to pass on to your kids, cos I promise you – the right diet will not only improve your overall health, but also that of your skin and decrease the occurrence of breakouts too. You’ll be happy you did, and more importantly, your body and not just your skin will thank you in the long run for making an effort to eat healthier.

If you are what you eat, then your skin is no exception. Dry skin can only get so much help from the exterior application of lotions, the same way oily skin can’t change just by washing or blotting the oil away. If you want to see change you need to investigate your body’s inner workings. While some skin problems can be side effects of other medical issues, best diagnosed by your doctor or dermatologist, most others are linked to diet.

Diets that have high glycemic loads may be linked to acne. The term “glycemic load” is a number assigned to a food to estimate how high a person’s blood glucose level will rise after eating it. Glucose is generally associated with the carbohydrates found in food – meals that are chock full of carbohydrates, like bread, pasta and potatoes, are part of a diet with a high glycemic load.


If I just named some of your favorite things, trust me you aren’t alone. Most people around the world eat carbohydrates in some form or another every day. Don’t assume that you’ll have to cut them out entirely to see a difference. Simply try to make sure that you eat more fresh fruit and vegetables than you do carb. Don’t forget to double check with your doctor before trying any new diets, especially if you do decide to try and cut something out entirely.

 If you live with your parents or have your own family already you may find it hard to make changes to your diet. Talk to everyone around you so as to get their help and support in making changes to what you eat – if your family isn’t used to eating a lot of fresh produce, research ways to prepare delicious dishes together. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t like a particular veggie or dish (you don’t have to eat anything if you don’t want to!); the internet is also a good resource to search for healthy veggie-recipes.

If you are not really a cooking lover like me, then take only those veggies you can easily eat raw (apples, lettuce for salad, tomatoes, mangoes, watermelons, pineapples, etc.)


Skin that gets balanced nutrition and hydration (drink that water, not soda!) will always look and feel better than the one soaked down with sugar and fat. As the largest organ in your body, your skin needs the same healthy nourishment that the rest of your body will thrive on.

If you try this for 3 months and you don’t look fresher, please email me for a refund of all you spent. Lol!

Do remember to leave your comments below – your suggestions are always welcomed!

“How do you use veggies & fruits to look more beautiful? What recipes can you share with the rest of us?”

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