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No one likes to break out. There are many different reasons why we breakout and what can be causing it. People can breakout in the adolescent years or as an adult and if you are really unlucky you might breakout in both. Regardless of the many varied reasons you might break out, truth is, that acne is actually a map to your body’s system.

So what are some of the causes of Acne?

To know the root cause of your acne breakout, simply start by taking a good look at yourself in the mirror. Where your acne presents itself can tell a whole lot about the root causes. After doing some research, here are some acne breakout locations (if you breakout a lot in the body areas listed below) and what they generally mean about your body’s system.

Forehead: Digestive System and Bladder
In order to improve or reduce acne breakout in this area, you may need to consider a diet change or an increase in your intake of water. Consider cutting back on processed foods and carbonated drinks – that can really help clear up this area in a very short time.


In Between the Eyebrows: Liver
An allergy often manifests itself as acne in between the eyebrows. Consider a detox of sorts. Cut down on your alcohol consumption, eat lighter foods, and consider any foods to which you may have developed an allergy (such as dairy foods).

Temples and Ears: Kidneys
This is a quick fix: cut down on coffee, soda, and other sugary beverages, and drink pure water instead. Hydrate your body and you should see a significant decrease in acne around these areas.

Nose: Heart
Acne on your nose could mean high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Try cutting back on red meat and increase your intake of foods with Omega 3’s like avocado and fish. Additionally, because your nose is so porous, make sure that your makeup isn’t expired or try a different brand (also ensure you practice strict beauty hygiene) if you don’t see better results in a week or two.

Cheeks: Respiratory System
This right here, is where I find myself – Acne in this area usually also points to allergies. If allergies aren’t the culprit, consider keeping your body at a neutral temperature rather than allowing it to overheat. Avoid spicy foods (gosh, I almost cannot eat any meal that doesn’t have pepper, but am working now on fixing that) and add more green veggies to your diet instead – more GREENS people!

Outside or Corners of the Mouth: Hormones
This zone is difficult to eradicate because hormones can be hard to control. However, getting enough ZZZ’s at night (I mean a good dose of beauty sleep!), keeping your skin clean and moisturized, and a balanced diet can help.

Sometimes birth control can be the cause as well; for that sister – go talk to your doctor.

Chin: Stomach
Because this area is associated with the stomach, increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, drinking more water, and generally detoxing your body may help clear up this area. WATER, WATER, WATER!!!


In truth, you’re fighting your acne from the inside out! If your issue is truly internal, no amount of creams and cleansers will clear up your face anyway. They surely will help, but the fight and solution’s gotta start from the inside.

The right skin care routine does make a big difference, but it won’t be a quick fix. Clearing up adult acne will take time, dedication, and lifestyle changes.

And as you very well know Sisters, a healthy skin is the basis of true beauty AND  a flawless, ever #Slayed Makeup.


Did you find your own acne’s location up there? Share with me on twitter @mypodozi or leave a comment below. Together, we can win & stay beautiful.




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