5 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You About

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I was reading through Huffingtonpost and I came about  article. Even though I have been using some of these tips, I realize that not everybody knows about them. 

“It has taken me years to learn specific techniques, and develop my skills as a makeup artist. Overtime there are a few tips I have picked-up that have taught me to be more effective in my application. I have learned that you don’t have to be a professional to apply makeup that looks beautiful and natural. These tips and tricks will not only save you time, but will enhance your looks in the process.” Sana wrote

1) De-clump Mascara: I am a big supporter of replacing your mascara every month; however, sometimes all we have is that clumpy tube we keep meaning to replace. If you find yourself in this situation just put a few drops of Visine into your mascara. This will help break up the clumps, and your mascara will be working like new until you get the chance to replace it.


Oriflame Double Effect Mascara Oriflame Double Effect Mascara
L.A Color Volume Mascara L.A Color Volume Mascara

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2) Business Card Eye Stencil: I learned this trick in makeup school and I have been using it ever since. I use a business card to create sharper defined lines for my eye shadow when I am looking for something a bit more dramatic. This trick works great for creating a cat eye effect.



Milani Eye Tech  Perfection Milani Eye Tech Perfection

3) Eye Shadow That Pops: Ever buy a vibrant colour of eye shadow and when you apply it you notice it looks anything but vibrant? The trick is to apply a cream colour base coat all over your lid before applying eye shadow. This base with allow for the truest colour of the eye shadow to appear on your lid.

BH Eye Primer BH Eye Primer

4) Airbrushing without an Airbrush: The beauty blender is a reusable makeup sponge that allows for even and effortless foundation application. It leaves you with similar effects to that of airbrushing and will never leave streaks in your skin the way a brush can. It is fast, effective, easy to clean, and goes strong for months before it needs replacing.

Hegai and Esther Beauty Blender Hegai and Esther Beauty Blender


5) Powder on Lashes: A little bit of baby powder on your lashes before you put on your mascara can transform the thickness of your lashes. Just a small dusting of powder before a couple coats of mascara will provide you with a noticeable difference in the thickness of your lashes.


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