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Hello Beauty Lovers!

We are in for an awesome year this 2016, and below I will be sharing with you my predictions (based on my years of experience in the beauty industry, interactions with beauty brands, both foreign & indigenous, as well as you thousands of beauty consumers who shop with us daily;) as far as beauty is concerned for 2016.

One thing I especially love about the beginning of the new year is that it brings a fresh take on everything – an opportunity to reset on a blank cheque. And this fact is not lost on the world of beauty. Each New Year brings us  new products, new colors, new techniques — new ways of attaining that state of utter “Beautifulness” that every human seeks.

So after a few years of heavy, contoured makeup, I daresay we all are ready for a big shift. As a “kid who’s been around the block a few times”, here’s what I see happening in beauty for 2016 – especially in relation to the African scene and to the millions of “Women of Color” who consume beauty across the continent:


But it will be soft tones and sheer earth tones. In fact, according to the Pantone Institute of Color, 2016 is the year of Rose Quartz and Serenity; For the eyes, we’ll see soft iridescent shimmers and metallic shadows where skin shows through adding a subtle, pretty edge. For lips, sheer but bright colors like soft reds (with lots of pink or rose undertones) and orange will be the go-to shades.


After the trend of heavy, contoured makeup, I project that we will see a big return to outdoor-type, fresh beauty; such as we saw on the runway of the 2015 editions of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and the Lagos Fashion & Design Week; the latter led by Maybelline’s Creative Director, Bimpe Onakoya.

If I am to ‘paraphrase’ the trend that came off those runway events, I’d call them Makeup that gives you a natural glow, with plush vivid lip colors, and sheer shadows; that my dear readers will be the big thing in makeup for 2016. Makeup will go on clean skin or foundation that feels really light and looks invisible.

2016 Beauty Predictions for Women of Color


We’ve seen innovations around longer lasting lip colors – lipsticks, lip stains & even colored lip balms (such as we have in the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm Range); Going forward, 2016 will bring even better innovations around longer-lasting makeup — eyebrow gel that lasts 24 hours, false lashes that stay on for a week or two, and hair color that doesn’t fade quite so quickly or leave your hair falling off.


If my ‘looking glass’ is as accurate as I dare say it will be, I hope we see less of harmful skin bleaching formulas; rather we should see skin that is glowy (youthful looking, full & plumier) and less matte beautiful African skin. Layering on A-grade skincare products will be the way to achieve that dewy, fresh look in 2016. Skin Oils, Serums, and Moisturizers is the key, along with placing moisturizer over (as opposed to under) your foundation to make it look more natural.


2016 is going to be all about health and beauty fusions – that is, beauty from the inside out. Look for nutrient-packed powders , skincare, BB creams, fruits and foods designed to boost your health and give you beautiful skin, hair and nails as well. There will be more vitamins designed to tackle issues such as hair loss, all the while helping your overall wellness.


Nails will still be hot – whether long or short will be according to individual taste, with more emphasis than ever before on 100% well groomed nails. I think buffed up rather than outright glossy polish is going to be really big, along with the overall trend toward looking well groomed but low-maintenance.


So what are your own Beauty Predictions for 2016? Do share with me in the comments section below.

Here’s wishing you all a Super Fabulous, Super Productive & Super Beautiful 2016!

Teni Beauty

Resident Chief Editor, Signature Reporter. Teniolami is an accomplished makeup artist and beauty therapist with almost 10years experience in the beauty industry. She is a full-time Beauty Business Coach, Brand & Product Developer, Educator and a soon to-be published Beauty Author

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