10 Beauty NO-NO’s

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As many as the rules are as regards to how to apply properly makeup, we have to abide by them. Because, they always lead to a flawless finish instead of making us look like freaks. When we were young and experiementing, we tried so many beauty tricks and tips that we shouldn’t have, now that we are older and more mature, we should leave those things and become what we were aways meant to be. Flawless! Here are 10 beauty no-nos, faux pas and terrible mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  • Sleeping with your makeup on. Stop it….


  • Tattooing your eyebrows permanently. It is just disgusting really


  • Spraying on too much perfume. You actually overwhelm people with your scent, do you see people cough and gasp for air…that’s your fault.


  • Peeling your nail polish off. It can seriously damage nail beds.


  • Applying too much foundation. Less is more, ladies, less is more.


  • Incorrectly colour-matching your foundation. Always ask for a beauty experts help.


  • Clipping your nails in public. One word: GROSS.


  • Over plucking your brows. It makes you look like a frightened cat.


  • Using body lotion as face cream. Unless you enjoy acne and clogged pores, be sure to choose one of the many high and low options specifically formulated for your face.


  • Sharing makeup. So many things can be passed to you when you share makeup. Buy yours.

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